Almost Legal

An Alternate Universe Boston Legal RPG

Almost Legal: A Boston Legal Alternate Universe RP
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Another look at Boston Legal
About the Game

Before there was "Boston Legal" or "The Practice", they were "Almost Legal." In this alternate universe take on the hit ABC series, we're going back to the early days of Crane, Poole, & Schmidt. Denny Crane and Shirley Schmidt are working hard to create and propser their new firm with their mentally unstable co-partner. They are also balancing the challenges of personal lives, families and being lawyers.

Being an alternate universe you're going to see old faces in new situations that might take them outside the canon of the television show. We'd like to ask "what if...?" and see the characters we love in a different way. All characters from Boston Legal are open and will be worked into the plot, either in younger versions or as their show version in a different time frame. We also allow original characters. Everyone will be worked into the storyline and we want to hear your ideas to make this RPG even more entertaining and unique!

The Rules

1. Please do not hijack or move another person's character. It tends to aggravate and makes the Moderators jobs harder. If you need another person's character to do something, please contact them.

2. However, if a character is not currently being played by someone you can temporarily used him/her as needed. I would strongly discourage creating long term, complicated story lines for temps, however, since that will make it more difficult when a player does take that character.

3. When making making a post that will move characters several weeks/months into the future, please inform all players whose characters will be affected by the time warp and get their permission to take their character forward in time with yours.

4. Likewise, if you're going to be involving a character into a storyline with your character, please consult the other players first.

5. If you're playing a canon character feel free to add your own spin to the character. After all, that's what is fun about RPGs. However, please don't mangle said character beyond recognition.

6. Please refrain from using abusive language towards other members in an out of character situation. Likewise, all forms of flaming and harassing are not tolerated. This is supposed to be a fun, creative sharing experience for everyone despite how they differ on views outside of the RPG world.

7. This is an RPG group, not a discussion group, so please keep out of character posts to a minimum. Email/AIM is your best friend for communicating with others in the group.

8. Most of all have fun! Contact the other members, conspire amongst yourselves and create sub-plots at will. Above all things this is about having a good time and getting in touch with our creative sides.